Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia

Stockholm is a vivid town with alot of exciting things to see and experience. Whether it be nature or night life you’re after, Stockholm is most defenitely a town where you’re in for an experience.

This website mainly contains information about night clubs and adventures in Stockholm. You can navigate to the posts by using the navigation menu on top of each page. What you need to understand is, before you step off the plane, having the right information on this city can make your time here unforgettable. You can find everything from accommodation to restaurants that serve the best meals here but knowing where to go will save you a lot of time. Check us out often as we update our site regularly with new information.

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Museums in Stockholm

Stockholm is a 700 year old city and it is clear that this time has been well spent building an impressive collection of museums. These museums offer such varied themes as biology, ethnography, architecture, dancing, toys and medieval history.

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The Stockholm Buses

The buses in Stockholm offer very good local transport to locations and subway- and commuter train stations. Stockholm Public Transportation buses stop at designated bus stops along their respective routes. The buses in Stockholm are predominantly of red color, however the Stockholm inner city buses are of blue color and are more often better fitted [...]

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Stockholm Commuter Trains

The Stockholm Commuter Trains (Pendeltåg) are part of the Stockholm Public Transportation network and consists of 50 stations which connect Stockholm and the outer regions of Stockholm County. The commuter trains are ideal if you want to reach out in to Stockholm County’s suburbs like Nynäshamn or Märsta.

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The National Museum

The National Museum in central Stockholm features some of Sweden’s most precious historical art. It is the premier Swedish museum for 16th to 20th century art.

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Djurgården Line Heritage Tramway

The Djurgården Line (Djurgårdslinjen) in central Stockholm is a heritage tramway with the line number 7 which runs from Norrmalmstorg out to the beautiful island of Djurgården with the end of the line being at Waldermarsudde.

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Stockholm Subway

The Stockholm Subway (Locally Tunnelbanan) is part of the Stockholm public transportation network and runs both above and below ground and is an easy, carefree and cheap way of transportation across Stockholm. Stockholm and particularly Stockholm City is also easily navigated by taxi or public transportation buses.

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Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm is located in central Stockholm City and is one of Sweden’s four casinos, all operated and run by the government organisation Svenska Spel (Swedish Games).

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Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset) lies on the island of Kungsholmen in the centre of Stockholm City. Stockholm City Hall is today open for visitors and is a popular tourist attraction.

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Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace (Drottningholms Slott) is one of Sweden’s Royal Palaces, located in the western part of Stockholm and it is a popular tourist attraction with its appealing looks and surroundings, nearby theater and café. It is the summer residence of the Swedish Royal Family.

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The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace (sometimes Stockholm Palace) is the official residence of the Swedish Royal Family located at the heart of Stockholm City and is one of Europe’s largest palaces. The palace was rebuilt in to its current form in 1830 and has over 600 rooms.

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